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Jackson  Bush

Jackson Bush

Financial Advisor and Director of Client Services & Operations

I'm Jackson Bush, a dedicated Financial Advisor hailing from Kokomo, IN. I have always been passionate about helping individuals and families secure their financial futures. My journey in the world of finance began at Indiana University, where I earned a degree in Accounting & Finance, laying a strong foundation for my career.

But life isn't just about numbers and spreadsheets; it's about creating a secure and happy future for ourselves and our loved ones. That's why I place a profound importance on family in financial planning. My fiancé, Hanna, and I are excitedly preparing to start our own family soon, and our beloved German Shepherd dog Sheba is already part of our family.

I believe that the key to successful financial planning is understanding the unique needs and aspirations of each family. Just as I strive to provide the best financial advice to my clients, I am committed to building a solid foundation for my own family's future.

My goal is to not only excel in my career and become one of the best financial advisors in Kokomo, but also to create a stable and fulfilling life for Hanna and myself, with hopes of welcoming children one day. Together, we look forward to the exciting journey of building our family and helping others do the same through sound financial planning.

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